Monday, March 1, 2010

The Sweet Taste of Success!

Right well the good news is that I've managed a little bit of pro-activity. After moping around reading everyone else's blogs for most of the day, I finally dragged my fat and melancholic ass into the shower and then made myself get dressed (to be honest I think I was even afraid of washing because I didn't want to look at myself).
Anyway that was a minor success but what was even better was that I then took myself off for a walk down to the local store and stocked up on fruit, veg, and lo-cal dressings. Just back and had some carrots and celery with my new dressings, (v. yum). I've prob only eaten 40 cals worth and I'm completely stuffed -how cool is that?!!! I can almost feel the pounds dropping off already -no more Fatty McFats waddling around!

I'd taken today off work but I'm back in tomorrow so I'm not going to be too naiive and think that it's going to be this easy every day but I've stopped caring what other people think anymore so here's hoping I'll be able to stick to my plan. I'm bringing my veggies to work with me anyway -if people want to sit in judgement of me, then that's their prerogative. C x

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