Thursday, March 4, 2010

Beware...rant in progress!

I was planning an evening of introspection but, on my way in the door, my eyes alighted on a bottle of wine and, rather than a deeply spiritual evening of self-discovery, you are now going to be assailed by a rant, commencing as follows (and forgive me, but I am not going to excuse my french on this occasion):

What the fuck is everyone else's problem?? I mean some people stuff their faces to a disgusting extent but we don't pull them up and say, 'Oh my God, what are you eating?' So tell me, why do they do it to us? I mean, why is it necessary for people to comment incessantly on what I do or don't eat?? Or, even better, why would they actually bother having bitchy conversations about what I eat??? Seriously, what is their fucking problem?!!!! Have they nothing better to do than discuss my eating habits?! Is it because they wish they had more self-restraint? I just don't get it, what does it matter to them? And just to qualify this, I am thin but I certainly not anorexic looking -I'm not so completely deluded that I can't see myself for what I really look like so it's not a question of them being overly concerned for my health or anything!

Sorry, I think the rant has lost's out of my system for the moment. I'll try to come back later and redeem myself with something a little more positive.

Stay strong my lovelies, your posts are all that are keeping me sane right now. Cx.


  1. I understand the rant! I was once at an Indian restaurant (ok, picture the pain already). Everyone was offering ME a piece of what they were having, no one else. Amanda, try the salmon, it is really good. Amanda, would you like some chicken. I WILL PICK WHAT THE HELL I WANT THANKS.

    Anyhow, so I am Amanda, the Dandelion Girl on here, and I saw the link to check you out and I wish I had found you sooner!!

    Hope you are feeling better post-rant.

    Love x

  2. Thank you for you advice - it definitely makes sense. I am doing a liquid fast today too - just low kcal squash. I am so grateful for that comment because I was in a bad 'oh to hell with it' mood and breakfast in college was not yet over, and reading the post made me realise that I can do it - and you are right, we will both feel so much better tomorrow morning.

    I will catch up on your posts tonight! :-) I wouldn't worry about the majority of mine - the past few months have been me trying to getback on track and failing!!

    Thanks again, I hope to learn much about you :-) x